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Tips on How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

March 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

Let's face it, when it comes to taking photos, we usually end up grabbing the nearest camera: our smartphone!  I'm just as guilty as the next person but even with a tiny camera you can achieve some great and memorable photos!  Nobody can afford to have a professional photographer on hand each day to capture your moments so knowing some tiny tips and tricks on how to do them yourself will help to get some great framers!

1. Take LOTS of Photos!  Practice really does make perfect so knowing the ins and outs of your phone or point and shoot camera really help.  

2.  Get Close!  Getting close to your kids and bringing yourself down to their level will really allow you to keep your kids as the main focus.  

3.  Forget the Posing! Whether your kids are still asleep in their beds, covered in spaghetti sauce or maybe dressed up for a special occasion, pull out that camera and capture it!  Sometimes you have time for them to pause what they're doing and look up at you but most moments are better captured in the moment without the posing and saying "Cheese!" 

4.  Let there Be Light! The best lighting is natural lighting so picking areas that have some nice sun coming through always look best.  When there is very little light, turning on all available lights or using your flash may work best.  (*Tip: Turning photos to black and white can cover up some low-light quality photos ;) ).

5. Editing.  There are so many editing programs for photos these days.  Even social media platforms have built-in filters to help change the colors, moods and other aspects of your photos.  Some nice ones I've found that give a more "professional" look are VSCO and FilmBorn.  

6. BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!  If you don't have a remote place to back up your photos then FIND ONE!  iCloud, Google, Amazon (if you're a Prime Member), Flickr, Photobucket and Shutterfly are good ones to look at.  

7. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS!!!!!  Disks, USBs, Digital Downloads... None of those let your kiddos see themselves on the walls of their homes.  I'll be sharing my favorite print labs soon that you can use to print great quality photos.

When all else fails, contact me and I can help you host a Mom-Tog Photo Party where I would come and show you and your best gal pals how to use their cameras out of the auto mode!


Leviticus Bennett(non-registered)
My wife is thinking of getting into photography. She wants to try entering our baby into a contest. Using the sun to improve your lighting is a good idea. I will also tell my wife your suggestion about changing low-quality photos to black and white. My wife wants to set the ambiance right by getting a special backdrop.
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